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DIFF Consulting was founded with the mission to help SAP customers to understand and adopt quickly and efficiently the NEW WAVE of technologies that kick-started with the arrival of SAP S/4HANA, which accelerated the adoption of UX and Cloud base solutions in the Enterprise ecosystem.

We have a strong background in Innovation leveraging SAP technologies but we also go beyond that. Our additional skills allows us to take the best of SAP and combined it with other software providers like Google, ServiceNow, Micro Focus and Open Source technologies to offer the best Enterprise Solutions.

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Technology Innovation with Purpose



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Closing the gap between the “vision” and “reality” requires planning and execution. 


For any IT or business challenge to succeed, it is important to have a determined perspective, dedicated people, and a defined process.


To address the gap, there are three key considerations:

  • Vision – What is the desired result?

  • Strategy – What will push the vision forward?

  • Execution – What tactical next steps are required?


Visionary efforts can breakdown due to a lack of buy-in across the organization with stakeholders. Important initiatives can be overwhelming and cause organizations to struggle to get started.


A shared vision with a very specific roadmap should be developed to address the great divide between the idea and achieving tangible results. When teams collaborate, enable buy-in early, and provide proof points (e.g., pilots or proof of concepts), there is a better chance to build the vision into reality.

At DIFF Consulting we have a passion for finding effective ways to close the gap between the “vision” and “reality” in a strong collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

Customer First


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Empathy for others



We Work With the Very Best

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