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Streamline business processes, discover improvement options, increase operational efficiency and minimize risk with SAP ALM solutions, on-premise and in the Cloud.

Our Services

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Process Management

Learn the fundamentals of Process Management and with our guidance build your own Solution Documentation.



ITSM is the cornerstone of the IT area, with these services you can implement or improve your current management processes for end users.

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Focused Solutions

If you want to be AGILE and get the best out of your SAP systems, keep in mind that Focused Solutions will be your best allies, from an overview of how it works to a complete implementation, you can count on us to help you with these services.

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Assess, Implement, Operate and Integrate. We can help you in all aspects related to the newest ALM addition from SAP.

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Change Management

Change Management is the key area to control and monitor all the changes in your organization. Let's maximize the output of ChaRM together.

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Test Management

Test Management is the last frontier between an stable operation, and having problems every day, with these services we help you to enhance the way you test your processes.



Keep in control all your systems, interfaces and data with the monitoring services. It is incredible what you can control and improve your operation with the proactive monitoring of SAP.


SAP Enable Now

Reduce the learning curve with contextually-relevant, timely, and proactive enablemente content.

Setup, Administration, Training and Content Preparation - we have you cover.

Meet your Expert

Get in touch with Wence to talk about these and any other services you might need in the subject of SAP ALM.

With his extended experience as a SAP ALM Senior Consultant for the past +22 years, he looks forward to help you!

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SAP ALM Practice Lead

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